Indian Ringneck Mutations

I can vividly recall being captivated as a child by the sight of wild Indian Ringnecks, particularly a simple green one. To me, these birds were the most stunning creatures I had ever encountered. The delicate interplay of blue, green, yellow, pink, and black in their plumage made them extraordinary specimens to behold. It wasn’t until I grew older that I discovered the myriad of colors they can exhibit. I distinctly remember my astonishment upon seeing my first yellow Indian Ringneck. The brilliance of a yellow ringneck was equally mesmerizing, leaving me utterly captivated.

Delving deeper into this fascination, I was astounded by the meticulous efforts breeders invest in creating mutations. A dedicated breeder meticulously documents details, studies genetics, waits approximately three years to pair young juvenile birds, and then patiently anticipates the outcome, akin to waiting for a genetic lottery. This intricate process is an art form, often taking a lifetime to produce some of the most exotic and beautiful specimens ever seen. Each time a new mutation emerges in the market, I am left in awe, continuously amazed by the endless possibilities.

With this in mind, I am developing the largest mutation catalog in the world. Thanks to the contributions of many wonderful members, we have amassed a significant collection of photos for our directory. If you would like to contribute to the mutation catalog, please email me the details of your Ringneck’s mutation along with a photo at