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Wild Rose-ringed Parakeet Links.

Mysterious Story of Parrots in Düsseldorf — The article explores the population of Rose-ringed parakeets in Düsseldorf. These birds, originally from India, have adapted to urban life since the 1980s, likely after escaping captivity. Now, thousands thrive in the city, especially in parks and near the Rhine River, feeding on local flora. Similar populations are also found in other German cities like Cologne and Bonn.

Chris Butler: Project Parakeet — The proposed study focuses on the population growth of Rose-ringed Parakeets in the UK, noting their exponential increase from 1,500 individuals in 1996 to 5,700 by 2002. The research aims to investigate their reproductive success, habitat requirements, impact on native species, food preferences, and track individual movements. This study is crucial to understand the species’ potential future growth and its effects on native ecosystems and agriculture, serving as a model for similar introductions globally.

Breeding Indian Ringnecks

Joyce Baum: Breeding Ringnecks — The article by Joyce Baum provides guidance on breeding Indian Ringneck parrots, focusing on their easy breeding, dietary needs, and nesting preferences. It offers tips on aviary and nest box setup, handling behavioral stages, and raising chicks. Regular handling and attention are emphasized to manage breeding pairs and ensure healthy, socialized birds.

Indian Ringnecks at Pets

Theresa Jordan: Introduction to Ringnecks — The article introduces Ringneck Parakeets, noting their popularity as pets due to their hardiness, taming ease, and speech abilities. It describes their physical characteristics, including color mutations, and emphasizes the importance of regular handling to maintain their friendliness. The article also covers breeding practices, dietary needs, and common misconceptions about their care.

Marcy Covault: Progressive Wing Clipping of Ringnecks — The article by Marcy Covault discusses progressive wing clipping for young Indian Ringnecks to balance their ability to fly safely while being manageable and socialized. The process involves gradually clipping feathers to limit height and distance while ensuring the birds develop proper landing skills. Covault emphasizes regular handling, the importance of maintaining some flight ability, and the potential need for continued clipping based on the bird’s environment and behavior.