Should I keep a ringneck as a pet?

Hello. I am Bill Patterson from Leesburg,FL. I am interested in adopting an Indian┬áRingneck, but I have had many different opinions about them. I am counting on you to set the record straight. Right now, I currently own a 27 yr old Senegal Parrot, and a 9 yr old Boston Terrier. I would of course … Read more

Egg-laying and sitting behavior

Hi, Gracie is my only bird – a 15 year old Indian Ringneck whom I have had for 4 years. For the past 3 years in the Spring she lays 3-4 eggs and wants to sit on them forever. Her favorite thing to do all year round is tear up cardboard boxes as if she’s … Read more

Adopting an Indian Ringneck

I have been looking to adopt a mature ringneck, one that needs to be rehomed. I have looked and looked, and right now there is none to be found. I have been around birds all my life. My gram raised them and sold them. Where do I look to find one? I’ve tried hoobly, where … Read more

Fruits and Vegetables for ringnecks

What fruit and vegetables can Indian ringnecks have? Can you please send me some information on this? Thank you – Anthony It gives me great pleasure to provide you with information about which fruits and vegetables Indian ringnecks enjoy. These birds have access to a wide range of fresh produce, which is necessary for a diet … Read more

Unfertilzed eggs

Hi, I have a question for you about my Indian ringneck Twinkle. She laid two eggs back in February, one on the 2nd and the last one on the 5th. The eggs have yet to hatch. Is there something wrong? Also, would Twinkle know if her embryos are alive or not? I included a short … Read more

learning to Eat pellets

Hello I have an Indian ringneck; he must be at least fifteen. I have always fed him a seed mixture and fruits and vegetables, and an occasional spray millet. He likes whole wheat bread, too. I would like to introduce pellets into his diet, as I keep reading about them. I bought some Zu Preem … Read more

Ringneck Screaming Non-stop

My Indian ringneck is almost two, he is well fed and loved. He is always out of the cage and has plenty of toys which I alternate. Very recently, he has started a new habit of screaming nonstop. My neighbors don’t mind the chirps but lately he doesn’t stop screaming and I’m worried it may … Read more

What to Feed Mother and Babies

Hello, I have one question regarding my Indian Ringneck. My Indian Ringneck mum is going to have babies, what I need to know is what do I feed her so she can feed it to her babies? Congratulations!  It is very exciting to breed Indian ringnecks.  When babies are born, fresh food must be placed … Read more

Bluffing Female Indian Ringneck


blue-ringneck-bluffingI adopted a possibly 2 year old IRN. I was told she was a female and given up because of nipping. She loved me at first site. She would head roll when I spoke to her, held her , she loved me and still does. After the first day the “nipping” started. I could see why someone might re-home her. It was a very hard almost blood drawing bite. I spent 2 months making friends and now I don’t have an issue. My trick was offering her an almond, she would head roll. I called step up and then I would move her. Of course it was a little more than that but my question is.. Was that a unresolved bluffing issue? Just your best guess is ok.. Thank you for your time.

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