Indian Ringnecks

violet-female-indian-ringneck Devri Green-Male-Indian-Ringneck Aya Nefertiti

Indian Ringneck parrots, also known as Rose-ringed Parakeets, are undeniably captivating exotic creatures. Their striking appearance, featuring a hooked beak and a long tail, along with a length of approximately 16 inches, naturally draws attention.

In the wild, typical Indian Ringnecks display a green plumage with subtle blue undertones visible on overcast days. When these parrots fan their wings and tail, vibrant yellow feathers are revealed. Both male and female Indian Ringnecks look quite similar; however, the male is distinguished by a black ring around his neck, highlighted with turquoise, pink, and blue hues. While the female may lack this prominent ring, many enthusiasts contend that a slight green ring can be discerned.

Both genders possess large tails composed of 12 feathers. The two largest tail feathers, blue in color, contribute significantly to the parrot’s overall size. These impressive tails can extend up to 7 inches in males and 6 inches in females. Due to their predominantly green coloration, Indian Ringnecks blend seamlessly into their surroundings while roosting or perching in trees, often giving away their presence only through their distinctive contact calls.

Indian Ringnecks are native to Asia and Africa, thriving in forests and arid environments alike. They have adapted well to urban settings, establishing colonies in areas far from their native habitats, including California, Florida, and the UK.  These parakeets can frequently be seen in rural areas, feeding from bird feeders or relaxing in parks.

Like most parrots, Indian Ringnecks are highly intelligent and make excellent pets. They quickly learn new concepts and enjoy showing off their skills. Renowned for their talking ability, they can speak with remarkable clarity, easily competing with Quaker Parakeets, African Greys, and Amazons. These birds are true masters of mimicry, especially impressive given their size.

With these qualities in mind, I have decided to create a dedicated website for Indian Ringnecks, celebrating the majesty and charm of these remarkable parrots.  I have studied and owned these parrots for over 20 years.